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My name is Yashika and I am self-taught abstract artist based out of Bangalore, India.



Here is my little story, coz we are all made of stories and stories help us connect better. I have always had a wandering mind. With an inclination towards introversion, my mind dreamt at the speed of light while my mouth often kept shut. My career background has been in e-commerce and Digital Marketing however, art has kept me going all my life in some form or another, while I hadn’t realized my penchant for travel until I was around 25. I am also a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) with a deep love for open conversations and passion for life.

Art, travel and yoga fill my soul and in my blog I will be posting about my art experiments, yoga, travel stories, and things that inspire me (That might inspire you as well). This will also be a platform to showcase my artwork and some handmade products that I make out of things I collect during my travel and make them available for you.

I am also open for collaborations and custom orders, so please feel free to contact me.

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